How To: Osmosis Skincare's Brightening Superfruit Facial

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Help make your client’s skin brighter and more supple this winter with Osmosis Skincare’s Brightening Superfruit Facial. From green coffee and cranberries to chocolate and oranges, this indulgent treatment provides a surge of antioxidants to ward off anti-aging and provide protection from environmental pollutants while repairing cells and DNA for fresh skin.

While the facial is suitable for all skin types, including normal, hyperpigmented, aging, and dull skin, it’s important to note that this facial is meant to be performed on a more tolerant skin type, so be sure to use caution when treating clients with sensitive skin.

  1. CLEANSE: Pre-cleanse with Lift Away Cleansing Balm to remove impurities, then remove with a warm towel. Next cleanse with Purify to prepare skin for facial, removing with a warm towel.
  2. SKIN PREP: Apply half a pump of Polish Enzyme Mask combined with a small amount of Soothing Gel Mask for additional brightening and massage into skin for two to three minutes (optional to incorporate steam). Gently place warm towel without pressing into the skin. Lift towel when lukewarm in temperature, removing any excess product.
  3. MIST: Spray face generously with Clear or Clear Plus+. Extractions may be completed at this time.
  4.  MASK: Apply a nickel-sized amount of the new Chocolate Cherry Mask and massage into skin for two to three minutes for brightening, hydrating, and antioxidant benefits. Gently place warm towel without pressing into the skin. Remove towel when lukewarm in temperature, removing any excess product.
  5. MASSAGE: Mix together one pump of Immerse and a small amount of Orange Zest Mask. Apply to skin and perform facial massage for five to 10 minutes. Remove excess product with a warm towel.
  6. SERUM COCKTAIL: Apply one pump of Catalyst AC-11 over the entire face. Next, cocktail one pump of Replenish with one scoop of Vitamin C Powder Blend and one pump of Clear or Clear Plus+.
  7. EYE & LIP TREATMENT: With ring finger, apply Refresh PM around the eye area and lips.
  8. HYDRATION: Apply Quench, Quench Plus+, or Enrich Restorative Night Crème to face and neck.
  9. SUN PROTECTION: Apply a full amount of Protect SPF 30 or use Colour Mineral Powders for environmental protection, soothing, and even skin tone.


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