Infographic: The Benefits of Facial Rollers

What are facial rollers, and do they work? // Photo via Shutterstock

One of the things that many of spa-goers ask their wellness practitioners about is how they can maintain the beautiful look they get in the spa or salon at home. Of course, they can practice good skincare habits, they can (and should) also schedule regular visits with you to attack any issues, however, there are extras that clients can add and do at home to supplement the time between appointments with you. Suggesting these at-home remedies to clients can not only help their wellness routines, but increase your spa's bottom line if you retail the products as well.

Enter: jade rollers. These small, handheld items are exactly as they sound—simple rollers composed of some sort of stone, such as granite or quartz, that people roll over areas in their skin at certain times of the day to help product penetrate deeper, aid in lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, and more. How should you advise your clients use rollers at home? The below infographic from Health Perch and Ghergich & Co has some useful ideas.


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