A Step-by-Step Guide to Genosys’ Carbon Dioxide Facial

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Science isn’t just for the classroom. Genosys’ Carbon Dioxide facial treatment by Hansderma has a chemistry twist of it’s own. As it says in its name, this treatment uses CO2 as a special mechanism for skin brightening, improvement in blood flow and skin texture, anti-inflammation, and even partial slimming. How does it work? The CO2 gel is absorbed through tissue fluid, which dilates vessels to increase blood flow and oxygen release. This process is more formally known as the Bohr Effect. Within the first seven days of this treatment, clients will see the following in just one 15-20 minute procedure: reduced pigmentation and dark circles, repaired fine lines, tightening, skin oil balance, moisture, and radiance. 

Interested in how to do this treatment? Here’s a three-step guide on how to perform this facial for your clients: 

1) Cleanse and dry the face: Starting you client off with a clean face is a no brainer, especially if your client is wearing makeup. The point is to clean their face, not plug it up with older products. This can lead to unwanted acne, and trap other debris below the surface that the skin shouldn’t be absorbing. A good cleanser will sufficiently remove any bacteria or excess oil. Afterward, dry any extra moisture with a clean towel. Once you’ve completed this step, your client’s skin will be ready for the next step. 

2) Apply the CO2 Mask: After the face is thoroughly cleansed, apply the entire tube of Genosys’ CO2 Gel using the spatula included in the package. The spatula is used for an easier application, and you won’t be contaminating it with any oils or bacteria from your own hands. Immediately following this, you’ll apply the CO2 sheet mask on top of the gel. Make sure you’re using the inner sheet for your client’s face. The outer portion is coated to prevent moisture from evaporating. The pairing of these two will boost the oxygen levels of the skin’s natural healing process through the Bohr Effect. Once the sheet mask is in place, let your client’s skin absorb it’s ingredients for five to 10 minutes. 

3) Remove the sheet and gel: After the five to 10 minutes is up, remove the sheet mask and gel, and repeat the first step to cleanse the skin even more. For an added boost, you can soothe your client’s face with a hot towel if you wish, so they feel an even deeper amount of relaxation. Once your client has a clean face, you can apply any moisturizer or cream to seal in moisture. 

The professional price for this type of treatment is $55, but you can charge $35-$55 per treatment or add this to any other treatments you’re performing. To see the CO2 facial in action, as well as a few other Genosys treatments, watch the video below.

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