Step-by-Step: Phytomer's Hydrablue Plumping and Moisturizing Facial

Discover Discover the steps to performing Phytomer's Hydrablue Plumping and Moisturizing Facial. // Photo courtesy of Phytomer

The sea contains everything that is essential to the skin's beauty and health, which is why Phytomer transforms the sea into skincare. With a major focus on innovation, Phytomer offers maximum performance thanks to its advanced research and development laboratories. By infusing natural yet powerful ingredients into its products, Phytomer offers unique, expert protocols that offer holistic care for the face and body, like the Hydrablue Plumping and Moisturizing Facial.

The 50-60 minute facial, which detoxifies and plumps the skin with moisture, begins with Phytomer’s iconic marine immersion phase to set the tone of the facial and relax the client’s senses. After a thorough cleansing and exfoliation process smoothes the skin to renewal, a self-heating pure pore mask is massaged over the skin to absorb pollutants and sebum-based impurities. The mask is massaged into the skin using two brushes which reactive heat for a warm, calming effect. Skin is perfectly prepared for a deep pore extraction, and then serums and a final creamy mask re-plump the skin with hydration for a bright, energized complexion. While the Thirst Relief Mask works on the skin, the guest receives a hand and arm massage for added hydration and comfort. The treatment leaves the skin moisturized, plumped, soft, supple, relaxed, and radiant.

Here, find the step-by-step instructions to Phytomer’s Hydrablue Plumping and Moisturizing Facial protocol.

Duration: 50-60 minutes
Suggested Pricing: $115-$165

1. Marine Immersion – one minute:

  • This phase brings the seaside atmosphere into the treatment room. The use of seaside plant extracts brings the guest to a therapeutically relaxed state of being. Spray three to four of Marine Mist high above the guest’s head and perform an “Inhalation Tent” with a few drops of Relaxing Serum.

2. Makeup Removal and Exfoliation – 15 minutes: 

  • Remove makeup from lips and eyes with Micellar Water.
  • Cleanse and tone with Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing Milk and Rosee Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion.
  • Apply Enzymatic Exfoliant to the face and neck and leave on for seven to 10 minutes, with steam if desired.

3. Skin Detoxification and Oxygenation – 13 minutes:

  • Apply Pure Pore Heating Mask to the face and neck with a brush. Leave on for two minutes. Then perform double brush massage using two mask brushes to reactivate the mask’s heating action for two to three more minutes.
  • Apply Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing Milk over the mask and remove with a hot towel.
  • Perform extractions as desired and tone with Rosee Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion.

4. Facial Massage – 10 minutes:

  • Perform facial massage with a small dab of Hydra Melting Massage Cream. Leave massage cream on the skin. Blot with tissue if desired.

5. Serum and Mask Application – 13 minutes:

  • Apply Ultra-Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum to the face and neck.
  • Apply Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask to the face and neck in a thin but visible layer for five to 10 minutes.
  • While the mask is on the guest, perform hand and arm massage with Oleocreme Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream.
  • Remove the mask with a hot towel and tone with Rosee Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion.

6. Final Moisturizer – one minute:

  • Apply Youth Contour Smoothing Eye & Lip Cream.
  • Apply Hydra Original Thirst Relief Melting Cream or Nutritionelle Dry Skin Rescue Cream for more dry to very dry skin types.


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