From the Experts: The Top Skincare Trends of 2018

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Now that we're almost half way through 2018, for our annual skincare issue we decided to ask the experts what they have seen trending in the skincare industry this year. From ingredients to treatments to routines, it's all about natural and customizable skincare this year. Take a look at what the experts have seen trending in 2018:


“Sheet masks are still the rage out there. People want more hydrated skin with natural benefits that they can achieve anywhere, at any time.”Susanna DiSotto, director of marketing, Satin Smooth

“Masks are estimated to generate around $8.8 billion by 2021, and the next generation of this trend is sheet masks. They are easy to use, hygienic, and when made with quality ingredients, can deliver results.”Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO, Repêchage


“New premium ingredients are a major trend in skincare. For example, South African marula oil, which is extremely rich in antioxidants and skin benefits, is now emerging in massage.” —Franklin Warren, formulation scientist, Performance Health/Bon Vital’

“We believe the biggest skincare trend will be cannabis oil. Biopeptix is an Israeli brand, and Israel is taking the global lead in terms of research on medicinal cannabis. Our Regenerate cream, based on cannabis oil, strengthens muscle tissue and skin elasticity, helps hormonal balance, and rejuvenates skin cells.”—Orli Borger, founder, Biopeptix

Plant-Based Skincare

“Unique plant-based solutions are continuing to rise in popularity, from flowers used as colorants to seaweed sugars to skin-brightening and firming plant extracts.”—Shannon McLinden, president, FarmHouse Fresh

“Plant-based ingredients like stem cells. Using them at active levels you can get real results while staying true to the environment.”—Heidi Ackerman, vice president of marketing, Epicuren Discovery

“Marine biotechnology is the future of results-oriented cosmetics to create innovative, sustainable, and 100 percent natural skincare ingredients.”—Lenette Casper, president, Phytomer

Customizable Skincare

“With the increasing focus on wellness and more than 50 percent of the population under 30, I believe one of the biggest trends we will see is the expansion of ‘spa kitchens,’ highly interactive services where guests play a crucial role in curating their wellness journey for unique and engaging experiences.”—Maritza Rodriguez, global vice president of marketing and communications, Pevonia International

“Bespoke skincare, targeted at-home products, and clinical treatments customized for a person’s specific condition and needs, as determined through an individualized analysis. It must be flexible in time and cost.”—Carol Trow, president, DermaConcepts/Environ Skin Care

“The 2018 skincare trend will be safe, pure, and effective ingredients. Among all, peptides are my favorite. Customized beauty projects and methods are our solutions for demanding spas and customers.”—Clara Macchiella Corradini, founder, Bioline Jatò

Natural, Nourishing, and Effective Ingredients

“Natural ingredients continue to rise with people being more aware of ingredients along with more simplified routines and multitasking products.”—Andree Austin, cofounder, Pure Fiji

“Expect the unexpected. Whether it’s a balm-to-milky cleanser or a gel-clay mask, innovative technologies allow us to create skin-changing, transformative products from natural, organic, and biodynamic ingredients.”—Boldijarre Koronczay, president, Eminence Ogranic Skincare

“Growing awareness and the trend toward what is true in attunement with nature will expand as people wake up to what is real and healing.”—Bunnie Gulick, founder and CEO, ISUN

“Ingredients that are known to nourish your body from within are highly trending in beauty, including everything from kale and beets to probiotics and CBD.”—Rena Revivo, CEO, Spa de Soleil

Face First

“The eyes are in the spotlight for 2018—the craze for eyelash extensions has cast all the attention to specialized eye products and treatments.”—Karen Asquith, director of education, G.M. Collin Skincare

“Microneedling is a top trend of 2018. Clients can opt for nonintrusive microneedling using special German-engineered technology.  The instant results with no downtime make BDR’s Dermalift a consistent top pick among spa owners.”—Sooaa Son, marketing communications manager, BDR Beauty USA

From The Inside Out

“The trend we forecast for 2018 is using ingredients affecting epigenetics. Epigenetic factors are cellular mechanisms influencing­—increasing or decreasing­—gene expression, depending on each individual’s context.”—Laura Gerchik, general manager, Biologique Recherche USA

“The trend in the world of skincare for 2018 is supplements. Everything from treating acne to dryness and dehydration, and even the aging process, is now being battled from within. With clients looking for all-over wellness and topical treatments exhausted, supplements fill that void. Not to mention, treating the skin from the inside out and pairing it with your topical treatment will give you the most powerful result.”—Hannah Hatcher, global educator, Jane Iredale Cosmetics

Night moves

"It's all about the nightly routine–take the time to decompress while you nurture the skin. Start with a gentle cleanser and follow with a nutritious serum
and moisturizing cream.”—Laurie Nicoll, founder, Stemulation Skincare

“Destressing and repairing the skin with sleep masks and overnight creams is a trend we’ll be seeing in skincare, particularly focusing on chronobiology to reset the skin’s natural biorhythms to promote youthful radiance by morning.”—Jessica Morante, trade marketing manager, Sothys

Specialized and Targeted Treatments

“We will continue to push the envelope for corrective and targeted results in 2018 with a trend toward less downtime. The emphasis will be on skin health, as well as beauty.”—Gül Zone, founder and CEO, DermAware Bio-Targeted Skincare

“In my opinion, the biggest trend we are seeing is a flight to quality in skincare treatments. I recognize a stronger effort being made at many spas to offer a greater emphasis on the results of their treatments to provide better looking and healthier skin.”—Steven I. Rosenfeld, president, The F.C. Sturtevant Company/Columbia Skincare

“A trend we’ve seen become more popular in 2018 is skincare brands launching specific massage protocols. It used to just be you would make up your own massage and incorporate it with the products. Now, more brands are following the Eastern medicine approach of incorporating specific massages into their own skincare protocols with the use of stones, lymphatic-drainage techniques, pressure-point techniques, and anti-aging movements.”—Emily Sindlinger, cofounder, Sorella Apothecary

“The gym isn’t the only membership people are getting to look and feel their best. A monthly HydraFacial maintenance program is more popular than ever.”—Dawn Blackstone, executive vice president, marketing, The HydraFacial Company

Eco-Friendly Packaging

“This year, we will a significant shift towards the rise in both environmentally-friendly and airless packaging. Preservation and being clean are the keys to this growing trend through a reduction in packaging waste and the preservation of product formulations.”—Szilvia Hickman, owner of Szep Elet, the exclusive distributor of Ilike Organic Skin Care


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