Tips For Waxing Your Most Difficult Clients This Summer

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Eager to wax their legs, underarms, and bikini lines after winter, summer-only wax clients flock to spas and salons in search of beach-ready bodies. While it is impossible to predict exactly how any client may react to waxing, pros know that clients who get waxed only once or twice a year may experience increased sensitivity, skin and/or follicle swelling, histamine reactions, and ingrown hair.  Check out these four ways to help your treat your clients this summer. 

Challenge: Clients has short hair, extra dry skin, or sunburn 
Resolution: Assign homework. Clients who actively prepare for their appointments tend to have less anxiety and better outcomes. Email pre-wax instructions to new and seasonal clients when they schedule. Include the basics like proper hair length, recommended exfoliation 24 hours before appointment, no shaving and no sun exposure. It is helpful to also list contraindications and to include a consultation form.

  • Tip: Sell summer bodycare. Offer a promotional retail kit with a summer-scented bikini-safe body scrub, moisturizer and in-grown hair inhibitor. Include a mineral sunscreen appropriate for body application. Change the product selection seasonally to encourage repurchase.

Challenge: Client is perspiring before and during the service. 
Resolution: Take time to chill. Build in enough time to allow a moment for clients to cool off and relax before the waxing begins. High body temperature and perspiration may cause wax application and removal issues. 

  • Tip: Adjust the thermostat for summer.  Ineffective air conditioning and high humidity can negatively affect wax performance adding extra time and discomfort to a service.

Challenge: Skin appears to be more sensitive, possibly due to heat, wind, and sun exposure.
Resolution: Cool it down. Apply post-wax product to the waxed area followed by a cold compress. For reactive skin, treat newly waxed area with products designed for post-laser or post-peel treatments such as calming serums, oxygen mist or post-treatment masks. Sheet masks designed for the neck and décolletage work well as a calming post-wax treatment on the bikini area.

Challenge: Ingrown hair possibly caused by tight clothing, friction, and swimming in chlorine and salt water.
Resolution: Soften it up.  Create a bikini, leg or back facial” for clients who struggle with ingrown hairs. A treatment that features professional exfoliation and extractions a few days after the wax service will speed healing, help prevent post-inflammatory pigmentation and may reduce future breakouts. Repeat the service when hair begins to grow back.

About the Author: Krissa Gordon is a senior educator at Satin Smooth, a leader in wax and skincare services. 



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