Torque Fitness Launches Relentless Ripper

Torque Fitness has unveiled the Relentless Ripper ski trainer in response to the growing desire for optimal efficiency and effectiveness among fitness enthusiasts, especially with the continued popularity of HIIT. This cutting-edge equipment is set to revolutionize training, catering to athletes and gym-goers striving for superior results at an accelerated pace. Built with the company’s cutting-edge Mag-Force Technology, the patent-pending Relentless Ripper outperforms other ski ergs with 10 levels of progressive magnetic resistance for customizable and continuous endurance challenges to exercisers and athletes of all levels. These total-body, low-impact workouts engage multiple muscle groups and build stamina and strength without pounding impact. “The Relentless Ripper embodies Torque’s focused drive to deliver workouts that are effective and space- and time-efficient — all to support our mission of helping athletes become a better version of themselves,” says Jerry Dettinger, CEO of Torque Fitness.  

With a belt-driven transmission, the Relentless Ripper offers quieter and smoother operation, and the single-stage transmission affords a compact design. Over-molded ergonomic grips provide a comfortable and secure hold for both single-pole and double-pole modes. The LCD performance monitor serves as an instant motivator, tracking time, strokes per minute, watts, calories, distance, 500-meter split times and more. Users wearing a 5kHz chest strap can view their heart rate on the display as well. Even more, the space-saving design of the commercial Relentless Ripper makes it simple to add to any workout area. Mountable to racks, rigs and walls, this innovative workhorse offers multiple options without incorporating a bulky frame, platform or footprint.