10 Ways to Keep Healthy This Fall

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Health and wellness encompasses more than just ensuring our skin looks good, what spa-goers often forget is we must physically feel good to look good as well. With fall right around the corner, spa-goers are beginning to bundle up and get ready for the cooler weather. Staying healthy can be a challenge come the winter months, but the first step to feeling good starts with keeping the immune systems strong. Maintaining health during the transition into the new season involves multiple strategies, so New York osteopathic physician Christopher Calapai, D.O., has shared his top 10 ways to gear up for fall that are sure to keep both clients and practitioners healthy.

1. Wash Your Hands: Washing your hands multiple times a day and avoiding people that are sick is important to keeping your immune system healthy. If you're a esthetician or a massage therapist, this is especially important for you as you're coming in physical contact with other people who might have compromised immune systems.

2. Don’t smoke: It's no secret smoking cigarettes is horrible for the body. They contain thousands of chemicals that can diminish an immune system, so make sure to think twice before lighting up.


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3. Eat organic: Remind clients that staying away from preservatives and other chemicals is a good idea to stay strong. Having a good diet with a variety of proteins, fruits, and vegetables is key.

4. Get a Blood Test: Studies have shown that vitamin deficiency is correlated with degenerate diseases. Spa-owners, spa-goers, and spa-employees alike should be getting routine blood work done annually to find out what vitamins you're lacking in, and ones you need to take. Suggest scheduling annual physicals at the change of the seasons each year so they're easy to remember. “There is no better test than this,” says Calapai. 

5. Keep Your Home and Spa Clean: Tell your clients to keep surfaces cleaned and polished in areas they spend most of their time, and more importantly, remember to keep surfaces in both common and personal areas of the spa polished as well. Filtration systems can capture things like allergens, organisms, or dust that can make you sick. 

6. Don't Drink Excessively: Though during the holiday's everyone is eating, drinking, and being merry, it’s important to do it in moderation. Having too much alcohol can lead to an excess of problems within the body. Suggest clients go on a detox to prep for the holidays.

7. Exercise Daily: To stay healthy, we should all be walking continuously for at least a half hour a day. This will increase oxygenation and give cells important hormones, vitamins, and minerals.

8. Decrease Stress: If your clients are having a stressful week, suggest that they begin taking a break for a few minutes during the day. This can make their stress response less progressive. 

9. Get a Good Night's Rest: At least six hours of sleep or more each night is crucial for the body’s immune system. Being sleep deprived can decrease the function of all organs, too.  

10. Go to the Doctor: A routine physical ensures your clients are aware of what’s going on in their body, and also ensures they are physically well enough to enjoy the spa experience, too.

 For more on Dr. Calapai, visit www.drcalapai.net/.


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