Why Post-Massage Hydration Is Essential

Few spa-goers leave a spa feeling thirsty these days. In fact, drinking lots of water is one of the first things therapists suggest following a massage. “Our bodies are constantly producing metabolic waste, which can become trapped if our muscles are tight and circulation is restricted,” says Barbara Close, founder and CEO of Naturopathica. “Relaxing the muscles with massage helps to open these circulatory pathways, directing metabolites toward the kidneys. Hydration after a massage helps the kidneys to flush and eliminate this waste.”

While bottled water is the go-to method for keeping guests hydrated, it isn’t always the most eco-friendly. At Naturopathica Chelsea (New York City), spa-goers can enjoy a host of bottled water alternatives. “We also add our herbal tinctures like Burdock Radiant Skin Tincture to these tonics, elixirs, and teas to expedite the healing process,” says Close.

For more eco-friendly alternatives to bottled water, visit our story about a refreshing new take on spa water.


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