Cartessa Aesthetics Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with ShenB

Cartessa is expected to launch two new technologies from ShenB this year, including the VirtueRF microneedling platform system. Photo credit: robertprzybysz/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Cartessa Aesthetics signed an exclusive distribution agreement to market ShenB’s newest state-of-the-art aesthetic technologies to the U.S. market. Cartessa plans to roll out two new ShenB technologies in 2020, commencing with VirtueRF, an RF Microneedling platform system, followed by PlaDuo, the world’s first dual gas plasma laser. “Our unique business model allows us to work with manufacturers across the globe that have specific expertise in particular categories,” says Gabe Lubin, founder and CEO of Cartessa. “ShenB manufactures best-in-class RF Microneedling technology. We have had a great deal of success distributing other ShenB systems over the last three years and are confident that we will make more ShenB products a top choice among U.S. providers.”

Cartessa Aesthetics has helped place more than 500 other ShenB systems in less than three years to U.S. aesthetic providers.   “Putting our customers’ experience front and center has been a cornerstone to our success," says Lubin. Cartessa plans to offer trade-in-programs and other incentives for customers to integrate this new generation of RF Microneedling technologies into their practices.


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