Get Toned Arms with These Expert Tips

New aesthetic resource, AEDIT, recently polled its providers for the low-down on how to get sculpted, contoured arms without hitting the gym. Here are three ways to achieve toned, taught arms, according to the pros:

  1. Liposuction - While traditional arm liposuction methods tend to focus exclusively on the underside of the upper arm, Thomas Su, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon and founder of Art Lipo Arm Liposuction & Plastic Surgery Center in Tampa, FL, has pioneered a more comprehensive approach he calls Celebrity Arms. “[It] is different from traditional arm lipo because it is a 360-degree, or circumferential, treatment — not just the underarm area,” he explains. The water-assisted liposuction procedure reveals the natural muscle contour and can be performed alone or in tandem with other treatments (think: lipo to slim upper back, bra bulges, or forearms; skin tightening with Renuvion; or brachioplasty to remove excess skin).
  2. Bicep and Tricep Implants - For those looking to bulk up a little or a lot, bicep and tricep implants may be an option. Not just for bodybuilders, the ideal candidate has “the desire for larger biceps and/or triceps or may be relatively weak in that body part due to genetics, trauma, muscle rupture, or injury,” says Ryan Stanton, M.D., a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills. Unlike silicone breast implants that need to be replaced every 10 years, bicep and tricep implants are considered permanent because “they cannot rupture and leak,” he notes. After surgery, the results are immediate and the initial recovery period is about a week.
  3. Brachioplasty (a.k.a. Arm Lift) - For getting rid of arm flab, brachioplasty (aka arm lift) is a tried-and-true surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat for a slimmer and firmer appearance. “An arm lift is for anyone with extra skin of the upper arm, with or without excessive fat,” explains Lauren Chmielewski, M.D., a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City. The results are permanent, so long as the patient doesn’t gain a significant amount of weight that deposits fat in the arm and stretches out the skin. While brachioplasty is effective at slimming the silhouette of the arm, Chmielewski notes that it will not affect the appearance of the arm muscles.


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