How to Make Clients' Hands Look Younger

How to make your clients' hands look younger // Photo credit: Liderina/iStock/Getty Images Plus (Liderina/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Often clients focus on treating the aging skin on their faces and don’t treat their aging hands, which according to Stanley Kovak, M.D., cosmetic physician at Kovak Cosmetic Center (multiple locations), is a mistake. He recommends clients use sunblock daily to slow the aging effects on the hands, but he also helps clients fight the signs of hand-aging with four treatments.

First, he treats red and brown spots with intense pulsed light (IPL) using the Starlux IPL System or Alexandrite Laser. He then tightens the skin with infrared energy using Tyte & Bryte (BBL), which heats the soft tissue that tightens as it heals and stimulates collagen.

Kovak also restores volume with Radiesse. The dermal filler improves the look of the hands and stimulates the skin’s natural collagen.

Lastly, he reduces the look of large veins with sclerotherapy while smaller veins can sometimes be treated with fillers.

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