New Instagram Trend Alarms Medical Spa Professionals 

Photography: Getty Images

Instagram has been responsible for a range of positive skincare trends, including the popularization of face masks, jade rollers, and LED light treatments. However, medical spa professionals are worried about a new trend that is gaining traction with teens and tweens.

It’s called the #sunburntattoo, and it is created when a person applies sunscreen in a design or applies a sticker to the skin then purposely gets a sunburn on the surrounding tissue.

“At first glance, it may look like harmless fun in the sun,” says Manish Shah, M.D. “The bottom line is that sunburn tattoos are extremely dangerous and can put you at serious risk for skin cancer.”

According to a scientific paper presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in 2015, since 1973, melanoma cases in children and young adults has increased 253 percent with white females at particular risk.


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