A New Professional-Grade Laser You Can Have at Home

Nira, the creator of professional lasers, has announced the Nira Skincare Laser. The new laser helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by reversing the loss of collagen, and it can be used safely at home. The laser is non-fractional and non-linear and gently heats the dermis. “Leveraging our patented technology, we’ve been able to create a non-fractional laser that penetrates the lower levels of the skin, giving your body the signal to produce more collagen without doing any damage to your existing skin," says David Bean president and CEO of Nira. 


The at-home laser can be purchased for $499 or clients can purchase the Nira Skincare Program. The program is $169 a month plus $33 for the laser and a year's supply of Nira's natural hyaluronic acid advanced serum. 


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