Behind "The Expert Method" from Babor

Science. Touch. Results. Babor's The ExpertiMethod blends scientific research with wellbeing, delivering maximum impact-tailored treatments that individually target specific needs. This technique, which is comprised of five distinctive treatment elements, leaves skin firmer, more radiant, and smoother in appearance. By combining Babor’s precision-based, highly effective product lines with a state-of-the-art application process, The Expert Method delivers personalized, instant results. For more beauty and more self-confidence. 

Experience Flawless Skin in Five Steps

  1. The Bi-Phase Cleansing System uses a unique blend of oil and water that deeply cleanses the skin and dissolves all skin impurities.
  2. The Compress Technique uses different water temperatures and pressure points to ensure the best oxygenation and detoxification of the skin.
  3. The Circulation Mask is skin cardio that activates the skin by stimulating microcirculation with a warming effect, allowing the skin to absorb active ingredients.
  4. The Ampoule Concentrates Massage stimulates the skin and offers a skin detox-like effect to enhance products and skin-metabolism performance.
  5. The Lifting Touch Massage stimulates the circulation of the skin, metabolism, connective tissue, and facial muscles for deep relaxation.

“Only available through highly skilled Babor expert estheticians, our indulgent treatments will thrill your guests," says Tim Waller, CEO of Babor Americas. "So much more than a facial, The Expert Method is an elevated treatment experience that supports and enhances the natural physiology of the skin. The five unique elements of our protocol enhance circulation and metabolic activity in the skin, stimulating natural detoxification and renewal functions. The deeply relaxing interplay of warm and cool compresses during the cleansing ritual is followed by two unique, results-driven massages, all tailored to each guest’s individual skin needs. A combination of proven science, German precision, and the ultimate ‘me time,’ your guests can expect a glowing, vitalized complexion with a firmer, more youthful look.”

Babor has combined the natural cleansing powers of water and oil with our unique two-step, deep-action cleanser.

1. HY-OL
HY-OL is made from pure natural plant oils and quillaja extract to intensify the cleansing action without causing tightness. HY-OL is the first step of our bi-phase cleansing system. 

2. Phytoactive Hydro Base
Phytoactive Hydro Base is designed to treat, refresh, and lend radiance to the skin while you cleanse. Phytoactive Hydro Base is the second step in our bi-phase cleansing system.


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