Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Surgery is a Growing Trend

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Pre-wedding cosmetic surgery is on the rise thanks to the growing number of millennials tying the knot as well as social media influences. Some brides, grooms, and wedding parties are adding procedures to smooth wrinkles or guarantee a glowing, dewy complexion while others use the big day as an excuse to change a feature that has always bothered them, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS)

In fact, 72 percent of facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in cosmetic procedures in patients under 30 years old according to AAFPRS annual member survey. In 2017, more than half noted the same influx. The percent has increased 24 percent since 2013.
The top three non-surgical treatments among brides, grooms and wedding parties are neuromodulators like Botox, hyaluronic acid injections, and chemical peels, according to Phillip R. Langsdon, M.D., president of the AAFPRS, while he says nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and facelifts are the three most common surgical procedures. 

Social media heightens the publicity of the big day as more than just those attending will see how the bride, groom, and wedding party looked, emphasizing the importance of such cosmetic surgery procedures.

“Wedding photos are no longer just displayed in crystal frames or in embossed leather albums,” says Patrick J. Byrne, M.D., facial plastic surgeon and member of the AAFPRS executive committee. “Photos, not to mention videos, from the big day and those leading up to it are social media gold, so there will be lots more eyes on these keepsakes than ever before.”. 

Regardless of the reason or influence, plastic surgeons and patients should be aware of the healing time required for procedures. Each procedure, even minimally invasive ones, should be scheduled several weeks or months before the event, not the days or weeks prior, to ensure adequate healing time for the patient.

“Timing is everything,” says Langsdon. “No one wants to say ‘I do’ with bandages or bruises on their face. Some surgical procedures involve downtime and must to be scheduled in advance of the nuptials. For example, it can take several months for the majority of the swelling from a rhinoplasty procedure to abate and over a year for the full cosmetic result to be apparent. Facelifts need a minimum of two months.” 

Lastly, AAFPRS reminds patients to choose a physician based on qualifications, not cost. Always go to board-certified facial plastic surgeons who specialize on the face, head and neck. It is not worth taking the risk on a discounted cosmetic surgery before the big day (or ever).



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