Six New Med Spa Must-Haves

Check out these six new products that are ideal for medical spas.

Discover six newly launched skincare products ideal for use in med spas and beyond. And be sure to check out the November digital edition for the full scope of what's new in the medical spa industry.

1. UVBioTek recently launched Poly Go, which uses 48 LED light bulbs to treat acne, fine-line wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, under-eye puffiness, collagen depletion.


2Thermi has launched Arvati, which is a new system that delivers temperature-controlled radiofrequency to enhance the production of collagen.

3. Advanced Retinol Serum + Time Release by Alchimie Forever of Switzerland is an overnight retinol serum with .75 percent retinol in the formula. The serum reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen. 

4. Hydropeptide's Firm-A-Fix Nectar lifts, brightens, and firms the skin using more than 10 different peptides. The solution helps to diminish the appearance of horizontal lines around the neck and décolleté.

5. Eighth Day Skincare was created by dermatologist and reconstructive surgeon Tony Nakhla. Dark Spot Rx uses a skin brighting peptide to lighten and brighten the skin. 

6. Emsella Chair by Nubodix uses magnetic pulse technology, and is cleared by the FDA, to treat urinary incontinence and rejuvenate the vagina by delivering more than 10,000 kegel contractions to the body in half-hour session.


What's New in Med Spa Products

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