SkinShineBar Launches New Products

Photo by SkinShineBar

SkinShineBar is known for its use of plant stem cell treatments for facial rejuvenation and anti-aging techniques. The science around plant stem cells has existed for more than a century, and SkinShineBar has spent years perfecting its use in anti-aging. Plant stem cells contain undifferentiated cells, that when applied to the skin, release proteins, growth factors, and antioxidants that promote cellular regeneration and increase collagen production. This regeneration decreases inflammation and can help restore aging skin and may even be more effective than relying on using human cells to repair aging or damaged skin. SkinShineBar recently released four new products that help aid in collagen production, skin elasticity, and reducing wrinkles. The new products include:

Marine Double Shot: This is formulated with a powerful combination of marine stem cells, fruit stem cells, and hyaluronic acid.

Bio-Nutrients Double Shot: This is formulated with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, retinol, and marine stem cells that help to support collagen production, improve skin texture, and restore elasticity, revealing new skin during sleep.

Wrinkle Shot: This formula contains marine stem cells to help activate a person’s own skin stem cells to start producing collagen by penetrating the skin. The marine micro elements work to tighten and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Eyelash Growth Shot: This formula includes a custom blend of high-quality organic ingredients that helps to build dramatic volume and length of each lash and protect against breakage.



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