Slow Breast Sagging With These Simple Tips

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People are often quick to blame age, pregnancy, gravity, and breastfeeding for the appearance of deflated breasts. While some of those variables do impact the breasts, there are other culprits to recognize, and women should know how to combat them. “There are ligaments in the breasts that stretch out over time. Gravity is certainly a culprit but there are others such as multiple pregnancies, menopause, breast motion from exercise, high body mass index, deficiencies in collagen, estrogen, rapid weight fluctuations, and of course smoking,” says Manish Shah, M.D. a board-certified plastic surgeon in Denver. And why these are components, there are a few easy steps that can be taken to keep breasts more perky without having expensive procedures or treatments. “A lot of women focus on their lower body when exercising. While this is great to blast cellulite and keep the thighs, legs, and butt shapely and strong, the upper body can’t be neglected,” says Vince Sant, a certified fitness trainer and cofounder of V “Doing various exercises using five -10-pound weights that strengthen and tone pectoral muscles —the muscles under the breasts —shoulders and back are key for preventing breast sagging.” When exercising, women should remember to wear a supportive sports bra to limit the potential for sagging.  


Another fix is to pay attention to hormone levels especially during menopause. Shah says women may want to consider supplements or phytoestrogens to boost estrogen levels. “Drops in estrogen, a natural occurrence during menopause reduces collagen in skin tissue. Some supplements or phytoestrogens that boost estrogen levels naturally can have a positive effect on breast shape. However, this is certainly something to discuss with a specialist,” says Shah. And just as smoking can lead to aging of the skin, it can also cause breast to sag by eliminating elastin in the breasts.


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