Survey Reveals Factors Driving Demand for Aesthetic Treatments

Photo credit: SDI Productions/Getty Images/Royalty-free (Photo credit: SDI Productions/Getty Images/Royalty-free)

AEDIT and third-party ACUPOLL, conducted an online ACCUPULSE survey in December 2020 of 1,000 male (n = 540) and female (n = 460) respondents 18 years of age and older to find out if and to what degree COVID has affected their desire for aesthetic treatments. Overall, half (50 percent) of all respondents expressed interest in non-surgical treatments. More than half (53 percent) were interested in surgical procedures. Nearly one-third (30 percent, n = 304) of all respondents regularly (at least once per week) report participating in video conferencing, 20 percent of whom also reported that COVID has affected their interest in getting aesthetic treatments to help look better on video.

Those interested in nonsurgical and surgical treatments participate in videoconferencing meetings significantly more often than the total sample polled.  The biggest areas of concern for those in regular video conferences are teeth, weight, stomach/midsection, under-eye bags, and hair loss. In addition, the survey also reports that 29 percent of tech-savvy millennials agree that using video conferencing makes them more interested in getting facial aesthetic treatments, and nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of survey respondents stated that they are more interested in aesthetic treatments now that they can recover at home during the pandemic.


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