Theradome's Laser Helmet is Approved to Treat Hair Loss by the FDA

Theradome, a Silicon Valley based medical device company, has received clearance from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to market the LH80 Pro Laser Helmet restoration device to men. 

This means there is a new approved way to treat hair loss for about 35 million men that have hair loss due to androgenic alopecia. The LH80 Pro Laser Helmet uses low-level laser light therapy to stimulate the weak hair follicles by using the targeted laser energy to improve cellular metabolism and protein synthesis. The helmet has 80 proprietary lasers and generates more than 440 joules to treat the scalp area. 

“We are pleased that we can help the millions of men around the globe who suffer from hair loss," says Tamin Hamid, founder and CEO of Theradome. “This new level of clearance grants a broader audience access to an effective, less-expensive therapy that can be used in the comfort of their home."

Men can use the LH80 Pro Laser Helmet twice a week for 20-minute treatments, and it can increase the thickness of the hair by 200 percent over six weeks.


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