The Top Procedures to Refresh the Upper Face

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Samuel Lin, M.D., is seeing an uptick in upper face procedures due to clients wearing face masks. Photo credit: BraunS/E+/Royalty-Free/Getty Images
The use of face masks is impacting beauty trends, and board-certified plastic surgeon and associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, Samuel Lin, M.D., FACS, is seeing an uptick in upper face procedures. He has noticed a decrease in procedures on the lower half of the face, and inquiries about lip and chin filler have gone down as more people are focused on enhancing their eyes and forehead area. Here, he shares the top procedures to refresh the upper portion of the face. 
  • Eyes show the first signs of aging and are front and center when wearing a mask. For younger patients looking to lift their eyelids for a fresh look, Lin recommends a Botox treatment, which can lift the eyelid area and get rid of hooded or droopy lids.
  • For older patients, Lin suggests blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, which will give a quick lift with a fast recovery time and a high satisfaction rate.
  • The cheekbones are highlighted greatly above the mask of the face so fillers help lift that area upwards.
  • For a longer-lasting option, patients can opt for an upper facelift, which addresses sagging skin and will tighten the entire forehead area for a more youthful look. 


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