88 Percent of Massage Therapists Report Being Happy Despite Challenges

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Massage Table Now conducted a study recently that surveyed a variety of massage therapists. Out of about 1,200 massage therapists surveyed, 88 percent reported that they were very satisfied or satisfied with their careers.

Some factors that contribute to this is the ease of finding a job after students complete their education. According to the study, 62 percent of therapists land a job in the field in less than one month of receiving their license. Not only that, but 37.6 percent of therapists characterize their employment status as independent contractors or self-employed. The field is continuously growing, too, and is expected to increase by 26 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Graph courtesy of Massage Tables Now

The study focused solely on massage therapists and not overall clinics. The data collected portrays how happy therapists are with their career choice. Though it is clear that a majority of massage therapists are satisfied with their jobs, what was alarming were the number of unwanted sexual advances massage therapists experience from clients.


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Nearly two out of three therapists have experienced unwanted sexual advances from their clients. Out of the number of people surveyed, 64 percent of the women said they had experienced unwanted advances or inappropriate sexual behavior from one of their clients, while 56 percent of men said they had experienced the same thing. Overall, 63 percent of massage therapists have experienced unsolicited sexual advances from clients.

Graph courtesy of Massage Tables Now

The full study, titled Career Satisfaction Insights from 12,000 Massage Therapists, is available online.


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