The Book That Will Teach You to Incorporate Retail Sales Into Your Massage Practice

Retail Mastery is a handbook that helps practitioners incorporate retail sales into their practices. // Photo courtesy of Sohnen-Moe Associates (Sohnen-Moe Associates)

Cherie Sohnen-Moe and Lynda Solien-Wolfe, two highly-respected educators in the massage and bodywork industry, have released a new publication titled Retail Mastery: The Handbook for Massage and Bodywork Practitioners. The handbook provides readers with tips and tricks on how massage and bodywork practitioners can provide products that enhance their clients’ wellness while increasing the success of their own practices.

Retail Mastery, as the book has been referred to for short, provides the information needed to successfully incorporate product sales into a massage or bodywork practice. The book details how product sales are a great diversification method, and how the profits from retail sales add an additional stream that can defray overhead expenses. It expands on how it is hazardous physically, financially, and emotionally, to rely on hands-on work as the sole source of livelihood, especially if the practice requires intensity, and how retail sales can combat that.

The handbook suggests how retails sales create more than just a revenue boost, but create an additional therapeutic experience for clients as well. Clients like to get products from their trusted practitioner as they are more likely to get additional education, service, and support when they buy products from their therapist as opposed to buying online or in a different retail store. The book describes retailing as a natural extension of the standard of care and healing that is already associated with wellness practitioners, since therapists already have a relationship with their clients, retailing is simply another avenue of supporting clients in their wellness journey.

Combined, Sohnen-More and Solien-Wolfe offer 65 years of experience within the massage and bodywork industry. Sohnen-More is also the author of the first business book for the wellness industry, Business Mastery, published for the first time in 1988 and as a fifth edition in 2016. The book has approximately 450,000 copies in print circulation and has been read by more than an estimated one million practitioners.

Retail Mastery: The Handbook for Massage and Bodywork Practitioners is now available in Kindle format on Amazon.


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