This App Uses Photos to Track Skin Health Overtime

Photo by YouCam Makeup App

The world’s most downloaded augmented reality smartphone app, YouCam Makeup, has launched an industry-first skin diagnostic tool, designed to bring personalized skin assessment to the palm of the consumer hand.

The feature, titled Skin Diary, relies on augmented reality (AR) facial recognition technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning (a form of machine learning research) to evaluate skin conditions in real-time via the user’s camera on their smartphone.

The tool focuses on four signs of skin health: wrinkles, spots, texture, and dark circles. Once the app uses the camera to scan the users skin, a detailed skin health report is shown highlighting the user’s skin age and relative skin scores, as compared to other users within the same demographic. Users will also have the option to track daily results within the Skin Diary section to continually check the efficacy of their skincare regimen over time.


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YouCam Makeup is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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