Au Naturale Cosmetics Announces Unique Formula Change to Include Palm Oil

Au Naturale Cosmetics has announced a new partnership with Palm Oil Done Right. // Photo via Au Naturale Cosmetics

Natural and green beauty brand Au Naturale Cosmetics has made a controversial announcement stating that a reformulation of some of the brand’s products will now include palm oil, an ingredient long disputed as harmful to people, animals, and the planet.

Palm oil is known to many as an ingredient linked to deforestation and species endangerment, with that in mind, however, Au Naturale Cosmetics set out to find a safe alternative for finding palm oil for its products. The brand partnered with Palm Done Right, a supplier based in Costa Rica which, like Au Naturale Cosmetics, boasts transparency and environmental responsibility in the company’s foundation.

“People want to have healthier, cleaner, more ethical alternatives,” says Ashley Prange, founder and CEO of Au Naturale Cosmetics. “It is up to us to provide them not only with a product that was creative mindfully and transparently, but also to see to it that they have the information they need to advocate. It’s about making sure that the consumer knows the power they possess to create a demand for ethical options by supporting the people who are getting it right.”


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Au Naturale Cosmetics is the first cosmetic brand to work with Palm Done Right. The two brands are announcing the partnership in hopes to create “a new norm” within the industry and to highlight a new way of thinking among the beauty consumer. Through the partnership, the two companies hope to prove that it is possible to recalibrate outdated industry tactics as long as it is done thoughtfully, and with a focus on advocacy.


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