Babor Headquarters Welcomes Eight Bee Colonies

Babor is welcoming eight bee colonies onto a plantation near its headquarters in Aachen, Germany. // Photo Courtesy of Babor.

Babor celebrated World Bee Day, which is on May 20, a little early this year. The professional skincare company recently welcomed eight bee colonies onto its Elsbeer plantation near its headquarters in Aachen, Germany. Babor had already planted wild service trees on the plantation, which not only have provided ingredients for the brand’s products but will now also be the bees’ new home.

“Bees are not only a valuable ‘employee’ when it comes to producing our raw materials, but important for all of us,” says Horst Robertz, Babor CEO. “75 percent of the plants we use as food depend on being pollinized. Bees are important in this process.”

These efforts are all part of Babor’s ultimate goal of sustainability. Among other initiatives, the company has been focusing on carbon dioxide reduction, green package, and clean packaging.


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