Mindful Manufacturing Takes the Wellness Industry

As more educated and eco-conscious consumers increase demand for products made and packaged with sustainable and renewable resources, manufacturers are taking note and responding with products that are thoughtfully and ethically produced. From organically sourced ingredients to minimal and recyclable packaging, there are myriad ways manufacturers can make their products more appealing to those who care about the planet and its resources.

Helping consumers decipher the good from the bad, the clean from the dirty, retailers, such as The Detox Market, vet products based on the purity of their ingredients, efficacy, and whether they meet cruelty-free standards. While it’s a labor of love for many, sustainability is becoming a necessary tenet of brands that want to remain relevant among today’s spa-goers.

When it comes to making an impact, The Detox Market’s founder and CEO Roman Gaillard believes it starts with accountability. “To shift the paradigm in the right direction, the beauty industry needs to become more transparent, both internally and externally,” says Gaillard. “The more brands step up and commit to ethical and sustainable practices, the more industry standards will continue to evolve for the better and lead to higher standards across the board.” According to him, consumer change is already happening with people asking questions about ingredients, sourcing, packaging, and more. “There is so much opacity behind what goes into creating a product,” says Gaillard. “It’s time to lift the veil.”


Another change happening is the move away from single-use plastics. This is especially evident in the spa industry with more and more spas looking to alternatives. “The shift from disposable to multi-use products is critical to becoming a more sustainable industry,” says Sara Irvani, CEO of Oka-B, a popular spa footwear manufacturer that relies on closed-loop manufacturing, meaning it reuses the same materials over again, conserving natural resources, and minimizing waste. “To complete the shift, we need to more deeply consider both the environmental impact and the positive return on investment that such change can bring. It’s better for everyone.”


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