Celebrate Digital Wellness Day May 1

May 1 marks Digital Wellness Day 2020 // Photo Credit: Capuski/Royalty-Free/E+/Getty Images

What started as a group of like-minded individuals coming together to look for ways to combat technology addiction has blossomed into something much bigger. Realizing that much of society could benefit from their efforts, this group of wellness and technology professionals created The Digital Wellness Collective, a global trade association for digital wellness experts and organizations. To empower individuals, communities, and organizations with research-based tools and strategies to flourish in a digital age, the group officially named May 1 Digital Wellness Day, a day where Collective members from across the globe can participate in events, download informative toolkits, and more, all focused on creating a more balanced lifestyle in the digital age.

Digital Wellness Day has gained traction outside of the Collective, as well. The non-profit group A-GAP is leading an initiative for Digital Wellness Day to help participants limit their screen time. Now that people are spending more time indoors, people’s screen time has increased. The organization is encouraging people to focus on doing activities that promote self-care and mindfulness, like journaling. Natalie Sexton president of A-GAP suggests taking even just one hour away from technology to focus on wellness. “Taking just one hour a day to focus on positive affirmations, and purposely staying away from sources of distracting noise, can do wonders for self-growth and harmony,” says Sexton.

Instead of canceling what would have been an in-person experience due to COVID-19, Velas Resorts (multiple locations) is moving its "Wellnessing Day" on May 1 to an online event, and is dedicating the whole day to "Digital Wellnessing Day." Happening all-day on its Facebook page, the brand is aiming to help people practice wellness from the comfort of their home. The event will feature free video workshops from 10 fitness, physical, and mental health experts from the U.S. and Mexico. Topics will include nutrition and superfoods, at-home cardio, full-body toning, and meditation from various experts and professionals.Participants can enjoy classes such as art therapy with physiotherapist Beatriz Madrazo, yoga for healing and vitality with the international yoga teacher Danica Johnson and a 15-minute full body workout with wellness influencer Rachael DeVaux. This virtual event coincides with the resort’s #BetterTogether online program, which was launched to encourage people to have fun and be productive at home. Velas Resorts will also be posting fitness and wellness activities and tips on its social media and website.

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