Chiva-Som Wins Top Honors at Inaugural Travel & Tourism Sustainability Awards

Chiva-Som Wins at the Travel Daily Sustainability Awards / Photo courtesy of Chiva-Som (Chiva-Som Wins at the Travel Daily Sustainability Awards / Photo courtesy of Chiva Som )

Chiva-Som International Health Resort (Hua Hin, Thailand) has been awarded the Best Sustainable Travel and Tourism Initiative by Travel Daily’s first Travel & Tourism Sustainability Awards. As a part of the Travel Daily Sustainability Summit, the Travel & Tourism Awards were added to recognize industry leaders in sustainability. The wellness destination received the recognition at the inaugural Travel & Tourism Sustainability ceremony earlier this year. Since its launch in 1995, the resort has been dedicated to operating as ethically and sustainably as possible. 

The wellness resort has become known as an advocate for the unity between personal health and environmental health. Chiva-Som maintains a strong commitment to creating and upholding sustainable initiatives in order to protect the environment and provide for the local community. An example of its efforts is seen in its preservation of the last remaining mangrove forest in the last decade. Additionally, Chiva-Som funded the development of a 3,000-foot elevated walkway through the forest to raise awareness on the ecosystems importance and to promote eco-tourism. 

On-site, the resort maintains its own sustainable practices, including water-recovery efforts during which water is reused for irrigation. The resort also recycles materials like plastic, glass, metal, wood, and paper, while distributing food waste to be made into animal food. In terms of its energy efficiency, Chiva-Som decreases usage and dependency on non-renewable fossil fuels and electricity through energy-saving technologies and practices. 

The resort also maintains a strong relationship with the local community by supporting social welfare programs, hiring local staff, and purchasing local fresh food, products, and services. Chiva-Som has supported Preserve Hua Hin Group with sponsored events benefitting awareness, education and preservation activities.


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