Cidesco Announces Results for Makeup and Body Competition

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Comite International d'Esthetique et de Cosmetologie (Cidesco) announced the winners for its makeup and body-art competition this year at the 65th Cidesco world congress. Taking place in Mumbai this past September, Cidesco the theme was the Five Elements of Nature. Contestants created full-body artworks solely inspired from the  natural environment within a five-hour time frame. This competition was open to students and professionals to identify some of the most creative makeup artists in the world.  

Bhushan Sutar won the student category with his work titled as ‘The Importance of Being in Nature,’ and Kiran Manjrekar took first place in the professional category with his subject ‘Mother Nature.’ The runner-ups for both categories incorporated ideas of water and fire, the relationship between the five elements and God, the creation of the universe, and more. Both winners and the runner-ups used dramatic prosthetics, props, quality hairstyling, and makeup to emulate their idea.  

After the competitors finished, they supported their work on stage accompanied by music of their choosing in front of professional judges from Cidesco. This panel included Godard Koremans, Julia Leone, Joma de Roos, Julie Lew, Beverley Crowther, and Jyotsna Thopte. 

Cidesco was founded in 1946 in Brussels to create the world standard for beauty and spa therapy. With headquarters in Switzerland, the membership is open for colleges, leading schools, spas of the world, and students looking to further their education level to a superior standard. According to Cidesco's website, the organization's goals include promoting esthetics on an international basis, encouraging the exchange of professional knowledge, and creating the best training centers. 

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