Cidesco Launches International Sustainability Initiative

Cidesco Launches Sustainability Initiative
Cidesco is educating its members, schools, and students on sustainability. // Photo Credit: sezer ozger/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Growing concerns about environmental issues have prompted Cidesco to launch the Cidesco International Sustainability Initiative. The goal of the program is to help and support its members, schools, and students in learning and incorporating sustainable business practices. 

“As a global enterprise with representation in more than 40 countries, our members can really make a difference when they come together to support such an important issue,” says Anna-Cari Gund, Cidesco international president. “Operating sustainably needs to be built into all our working practices, wherever we might be based, and having guidelines to follow makes it easier and achievable.”

As part of the initiative, Cidesco released a six step guide, which outlines information on reducing waste, avoiding pollutants, investing in staff training, sourcing sustainable suppliers, conserving water, and conserving electricity. Furthermore, Cidesco Sections in each country will help support the initiative by each nominating a Sustainability Mentor who will be available to help guide schools, colleges, salons, spas, and students in their journey to increased sustainability. 


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To learn more, download the Cidesco Sustainability Initiative here.



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