Color Up CBD Becomes Certified Safe for Oncology Patients

Color Up is now officially oncology-certified by Oncology Spa Solutions, a leading educator for spa professionals caring for clients dealing with cancer and treatment side effects. Estheticians and massage therapists tested all of Color Up’s products on oncology patients in three hospitals. The results show safe solutions and successful treatments. The CBD brand includes an advanced, comprehensive skincare line that combines Eastern and Western therapies and herbal infusions for healing and balance.

“We started on this journey to help people find mental, physical, and emotional healing, wellness, and balance through the cannabis plant,” says Color Up co-owner and COO, Shauna Blanch. “After many years of hard work, we are able to do that in the most powerful way. Not only are all of our ingredients safe, but cannabis has long been known to combat not only internal cancers, but also skin cancer. Adding CBD to our already effective formulations adds another level of healing for those with cancer.”

It’s normal for oncology patients to be concerned about ingredients that could cause a reaction on sensitive skin. Additionally, patients may experience emotional turmoil, worrying that products meant to make them feel good might instead make them weak or ill. Thanks to the new certification by Oncology Spa Solutions, clients can be certain that all of Color Up’s carefully formulated products are safe and accessible.



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