Cosmedix Skincare Study Shows 50 Percent of Adults Struggle with Acne

Study shows majority of adults struggle with acne // Photo credit: Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images Plus

In honor of acne awareness month this past June, professional skincare brand Cosmedix took to social media to survey men and women between the ages of 18 and 55 about their most common skincare concerns. The survey, which revealed 50 percent of adults have been struggling with constant breakouts for over four years, sparked the launch of Cosmedix’s Break Up with Breakouts campaign to educate customers and provide insight on effective acne-fighting skincare solutions.

"Acne can affect up to 95 percent of teens, but as our survey indicates, it remains a top global skin concern for people of all ages and they're struggling to treat this condition with long-term success," says Ryan Christopher, global education director at Cosmedix. "This campaign shows that while treating acne and blemish-prone skin can be challenging, it's possible with the combination of professional facials, consistent usage of appropriate topical products and healthy lifestyle choices."

Of the survey participants, 50 percent admitted to having tried more than five acne treatments to combat skin issues, while 19 percent had tried more than 15 acne-fighting skincare solutions to find the acne-fighting product that worked for them. 30 percent of participants revealed that they had used a sick or personal day to avoid going to work with a break out. Less than 30 percent of respondents were familiar with professional acne-fighting products, including salicylic acid, tea tree oil, retinol, and sulfur, which was part of the reason the skincare brand launched its new educational campaign. The Break Up with Breakouts campaign was designed to help those suffering from acne promote a healthy change in their skin with gentle yet effect formula that can reduce the skin condition’s impact on their daily lives.

"For the longest time, it was commonly believed that only harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide could treat acne,” says Christopher. “While these ingredients can be effective, they can also cause side effects such as irritation and rebound acne. At Cosmedix, our professional skincare line debunks that myth by marrying clinical level actives with super clean, botanical ingredients for products that meet the needs of our blemish-prone customer. As an education-first company, it's our goal to shed light on lifestyle habits and skin care mistakes that may be causing persistent breakouts. Our survey findings were really helpful in building this campaign."

The Break Up with Breakouts campaign consisted of a series of educational social posts, related blog posts, and infographics that provide a full range of tips that are quick and easy to implement. The campaign also recommends acne-prone adults visit a skincare professional to build a personalized routine for proper professional care that should be paired with at-home care as well.

"Whether it's at-home care or spa treatments, we commit to clean skincare because we understand just how big of a role skin health plays in our daily lives," says Christopher. "We learned that of the 50 percent of adults that have been struggling with acne for more than four years, 50 percent have never seen a professional to help treat their acne. This is a crucial step in finding exactly what works for you, so we always encourage customers to frequent a local esthetician or dermatologist."


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