Cosmedix Teams Up with Comphy to Help Create the Perfect Night's Sleep

Cosmedix knows the value of a good night’s sleep and the benefit it can have on the skin, which is why the professional skincare line has partnered with Comphy, a leader in spa linen manufacturing, to launch the Wake Up Beautiful promotion. Through the limited-time promotion, shoppers who spend $100 or more on will receive a Comphy branded pillowcase using the code PILLOW1. Shoppers who spend $135 or more will receive two pillowcases, using the code PILLOW2.

“We all know the importance that sleep has on our overall health, so working with Comphy, a green linen solution, was such a natural collaboration," says Christine Jackson, global director of Cosmedix. "At Cosmedix, we prioritize overall wellness from strict formulation standards to lifestyle habits. This gift with purchase encourages the customer to consider the various aspects of their lifestyle and how they contribute to their overall skin health—sleep being number one.”

The collaboration allows customers to bring the spa experience into their home with the eco-friendly, lush textures of Comphy linens, designed to leave the skin looking refreshed by morning. Comphy products are also recyclable, wrinkle free, and have shown to last up to three times longer than standard cotton linens. Born out of the result of a recent survey that showed how consumers crave products with sleep benefits, Comphy designed the pillow cases to improve quality of sleep, decrease average awakenings throughout the night, lessen the time it takes to fall asleep, and increase average hours of sleep per night.

"In our retail line, we have several products that continue working for you while you're sleeping," said Ryan Christopher, director of education at Cosmedix. "Our products are packed with soothing botanicals and intense hydrators that help revitalize the skin throughout the night for a refreshed look by morning."

Once the promotion is over, the Comphy x Cosmedix pillowcase will become available for purchase on



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