Create Your Own At-Home Wellness Sanctuary with Yogamere

Yogamere recently launched a create your own yoga at home kit // Photo Credit: PeopleImages/Royalty-Free/E+/Getty Images (PeopleImages/Royalty-Free/E+/Getty Images)

The continued inability to frequent the usual fitness, yoga, and meditation studios is, in all probability, jarring to those accustomed to their regular wellness routines. For individuals who have been looking for a quick way to enhance their wellness experiences at home, Yogamere has recently introduced a solution: the new “Create Your Sanctuary” Home Kit. The kit, which retails at $70 less than the total cost if each item was purchased separately, is available in both charcoal and ivory and includes:

  • Meditation Cushions (cotton with velvet applique and natural buckwheat fill)

  • Floor Cushions (cotton with velvet applique and recycled denim fill)

  • Bolsters (cotton with velvet applique and recycled denim fill)

  • Yoga Mats (printed double-sided with colorful designs)

  • Eye Pillows (cashmere and silk slipcover and natural flaxseed fill)

“Now, more than ever, it’s essential to surround yourself with beauty and peace in your home,” says Amy Ormond, founder and designer of Yogamere. “When we’re all facing weeks of quiet time, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a beautiful space for wellness and relaxation that you can enjoy right away.”



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