Dermalogica Develops Clean Touch Certification Program

Dermalogica has launched new safety protocols for spas and salons re-opening after COVID-19. // Photos courtesy of Dermalogica

As skincare professionals and salon owners begin to re-open their businesses, there are naturally a lot of concerns about figuring out the best and safest way to proceed. To support the industry, Dermalogica, which trains more than 100,000 licensed skin care professionals each year and has over 20,000 independent salons and spas worldwide, announced new measures to help those looking for guidance.

The measures include the new Dermalogica Principles for Enhanced Service Safety, a 12-point guideline which details essential safety directives such as wearing masks in common areas and masks and face shields during treatments, staggering appointments to maintain physical distancing, as well as requirements for laundering and retail testers. The company also announced detailed safety protocols that address the best way to deal with touch points such as pre-appointment screenings, client arrival and departure, treatment room sanitation, and protective wear. Finally, Dermalogica rolled out the Clean Touch Certification program, which allows skin therapists to complete online training on key principles and protocols.


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“As science progresses, we will surely need to loosen or tighten the safety precautions,” says Dermalogica global CEO Aurelian Lis. “What counts is that we have defined the most appropriate steps now so that the industry can embark on the changes necessary to make facial skincare services a reality. With big business focused on digital or sitting it out, skin therapists are not willing to give up on the important industry of human touch and connection.”



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