Discover Wellness with the Pros at Carillon Miami's New Wellness Retreats

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is launching a series of Wellness Retreats // Photo via Carillon Miami Wellness Resort online gallery

The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is entering its first ever Wellness Retreat Season, a series of workshops centered on wellbeing. The events will host experts from a range of topics from nutrition to mystical healing properties. The first weekend, “Jump into the Present Moment with Emme,” will take place May 3-5 and feature supermodel and social reformer Emme and her thoughts on body positivity. 

Emme built her career as an advocate for positive body image, with an appreciation for all body types. In 1994 and 1999, People magazine recognized Emme in its “50 Most Beautiful People” feature and recently, Emme spoke at American Spa’s inaugural Women in Wellness Leadership Conference. In her keynote, she discussed individual value and how to increase self-worth. The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort became inspired to approach Emme for a partnership after seeing her at the event. 

“A whole new world opened up when I was asked to keynote American Spa's Women in Wellness Conference in March 2018,” says Emme. “What I found was a completely new demographic hungry to hear what I had to share around body, mind, and soul acceptance found in the present moment.  It pleases me to no end that this is now taking on a whole other speaking venue for me by way of retreats at fabulous locations like the Carillon Miami Resort and Spa.I look forward to seeing where this will take me around the US and world in years to come.”

Following the same body positivity message, Emme’s six wellness workshops will cover a variety of inspiring activities, such as “Letting Go to Greatness,” “Organic Wine Tasting & Talk: Words Create Your Reality,” and “Silent International Walks on the Beach.” The series will also include nutritional workshops, regarding plant-based food and juices.  The weekend includes a private beach and pool, yoga sessions, daily breakfast and lunch, access to the spa, and more. Inessa Freylekhman, a licensed spiritual therapist and Feng Shui maestra, will also lead guests through mediations. 

As an extension of the spa program, the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort will offer additional wellness retreats throughout the year:

  • Become the Healthiest Version of You (May 24-26)
  • Tibetan Sound Healing (June 7-9) 
  • Awakening Self-Care Retreat (June 21-23) 
  • The True Fountain of Inner and Outer Beauty (July 26-28) 
  • Vibrant Health with Ayurveda (August 9-11)
  • Awaken Your Inner Goddess & Glow Up From Within! (August 23-25) 
  • BeLove Labor Day Retreat - “Fall In Love With Your Life” (August 30-September 2) 
  • Upgrade Your Life: Healthy Lifestyle Upgrades + Conscious Language & Sacred Body Language Transition (September 27-29) 
  • Self-Care is a Mindset (October 4-6) 
  • Detox Your Way to Health, Clarity and Beauty (November 1-3) 
  • Beauty at Every Age (July 12–14; November 15– 17) 

For the rates and more info on upcoming wellness retreats, visit the Carillon Miami website. American Spa's next Women in Wellness conference is taking place October 28, 2019 at The Waterfront Beach Resort Hotel in Huntington Beach, CA. Click here to register.


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