Fashionizer Spa Gets Sustainable

Fashionizer Spa is making strides towards becoming a completely sustainable company by 2020. The brand’s sustainability journey began in 2008 with the development of its Cotton Performance Fabric, which combines organic cottons with other yarns. Over the past five years, Fashionizer Spa introduced additional eco-conscious fabrics like Linen, Tencel, and PET, a recycled polyester filament yarn made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. 

“Our journey to a more environmentally friendly business is more of a marathon than a sprint, and we hope to continue to lead the market in finding solutions for a more sustainable world, and inspiring others to do so in return,” says Debbie Leon, managing director of Fashionizer Spa. “We will be encouraging the industry to follow us on our eco-voyage.”

In the coming year, Fashionizer Spa will introduce a vlog series discussing various subjects around the challenge of sustainability in textiles. In the videos, the brand will share its knowledge of sustainability, as well as insights on the challenges that unfold within the fashion industry and at uniform companies regarding the introduction of new, eco-friendly practices. The videos will be shared on the Fashionizer Spa YouTube page and website.

Aiming to be more eco-conscious in every aspect of the production process, Fashionizer Spa continues to research ecological technologies in all stages between production and delivery. At the brand’s European factories, ethical standards are monitored by ongoing visits that ensure proper conditions for staff. In addition to sustainable materials, Fashionizer Spa is committing to using only biodegradable packaging to offset its overall carbon footprint.



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