The Fastest Growing Beauty Trends of 2019

These are the fastest growing beauty trends in this new #treatyourself era. // Photo Credit: Shutterstock Collections by Hazal Ak(Photo Credit:Shutterstock Collections by Hazal Ak)

As the year comes to a close, Square U.S. has determined the fastest growing beauty trends of 2019. Based on the responses from more the 8,000 small business owners, Square U.S. analyzed payment data, business owner and consumer sentiment in this #treatyourself era. 

With the new prevalence of self-care, Square found overall that customers are spending more on beauty services. Sales from the beauty sector have more than doubled since January 2017. Square beauty sellers have especially seen an increase in male customers seeking beauty and grooming services and consumer desire for specialized techniques that result in low maintenance looks.

Fastest Growing Hair Trend

Root smudging is the year’s fastest growing hair trend. Also known as “smudge root” or “root shadowing,” this technique enhances and lightens the root area to create a blended effect. This look is comparable to ombre or balayage techniques. The monthly sales have grown by 7,100 percent since January 2017. On average, root smudging costs $40 nationwide. By comparison, there have been 14 times as much revenue from monthly sales on babylight treatments—very delicate, white-blonde highlights created using a very fine color technique – in the same time frame. 

Fastest Growing Nail Trend

Nail dip powder manicure is the fastest growing nail trend of the year. Clients achieve pigment on their nails by dipping them into colored powder between a base coat and a sealant. Nail dip is a thicker and longer-lasting alternative to gel polish, lasting about three to four weeks in comparison to gel polish, which lasts up to two weeks. There have been 18 times as much revenue from monthly sales since January 2017. Nation-wide, nail dip cost $39 on average. Comparatively, nail art monthly sales have grown by 230 percent.

Fastest Growing Lash Trend

Lash perms are the fastest growing lash trend. Perming lashes curves and lifts the natural lashes, lasting up to eight weeks. Lash perms are a lower-maintenance alternative to lash extensions. Its sales have grown by 1,100 percent in the last two years. Nationally, lash perms cost $78 on average. Conversely, Lash extension monthly sales have grown by 190 percent  in the same time. 

Fastest Growing Injectables Trend

Xeomin is the fastest growing injectables trend. Xeomin is an FDA approved facial injection used to temporarily treat moderate to severe wrinkles. The effects of Xeomin occur within one week, and the results last from three to six months, making it very comparable to Botox. Xeomin sales have increased by 680 percent and Botox sales have increased by 280 percent since January 2017. A Xeomin unit costs $14 on average throughout the nation, though this is not the price of the total service. 

Fastest Growing Men’s Grooming Trend

Beard grooming services is the fastest growing men’s grooming trend of 2019. There has been a rise in beard shaping, straight razor shaves, and hot towel services that is fueling the longtime craft of barbers. The sales from these services have multiplied by 38 times since 2014. The national average price for beard grooming comes in at $21. By comparison, men’s waxing services have also grown in popularity. The three most popular men’s waxing services include nose, back, and ear waxing. Men’s waxing services has grown by 1800 percent in the last five years.



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