Find Massage Education Scholarships and Financial Aid Guidance with Beauty Schools Directory

The Beauty Schools Directory recently added a Massage Therapy Scholarship Financial Aid Guide to its website. // Photo Credit: hobo_018/collection/getty images plus

Aspiring massage therapists are in luck. Beauty Schools Directory recently added a Massage Therapy Scholarship Financial Aid Guide to its website. With this new tool, the organization hopes to support all prospective massage school students as they work to become licensed massage therapists. 

The new aspect of the site provides an extensive list of scholarships available for application. The page indicates the name of each scholarship, who it is provided by, the application deadline, the award amount, and what it can be used towards. It also states whether an essay is required, the number of recipients, and whether the award is renewable for future attempts.  Additionally, the Massage Therapy Scholarship Financial Aid Guide gives readers tips on how to win scholarships to ensure their best chances, including how to write an essay that will stand out and how to customize each scholarship essay. It also instructs readers as to where else they would be able to find scholarships outside of the website, leaving the opportunities endless. 

Beyond the Massage Therapy Scholarship Financial Aid Guide, Beauty Schools Directory provides a multitude of tools that give guidance for individuals looking to begin their beauty education. The website lists the range of beauty school programs, varying from cosmetology to electrolysis, each with a description to inform readers about what each program is about. Descriptions include the pros and cons of each industry and what to expect within the educational programs such as pricing, the length of time until completion, and enrollment requirements. Beauty Schools Directory also outlines the requirements for achieving licensing and certification for each industry. Once users determine the specific program they are looking for, they can search for a school in their area using their zip code and will be introduced to a list of schools nearby to choose from. 


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