Find Out Your Localized Risk of Sensitized Skin with New Dermalogica Ad


Dermalogica is letting you know how the weather might affect your skin, even while you’re just walking down the street. In tandem with the launch of its new UltraCalming products for sensitive skin, the skincare brand initiated its first-ever outdoor advertising campaign. The ad uses real-time weather triggers to identify consumers’ current risk of sensitized skin. The ads are running in New York and Chicago, two cities that deal with extreme weather and exposure to irritants like pollution, which pose a very high risk of sensitized skin reactions like redness, discomfort, and dehydration.

The ads, designed to educate consumers about the effects the environment can have on their skin, take a page from Dermalogica’s Skin Sensitivity Calculator. Creatives featured on the ads change according to different temperature triggers, alerting passers-by that they might be at moderate, high, or extreme risk of environmentally-sensitized skin, possibly caused by temperature, pollution, or humidity. The temperature trigger technology, which was developed by JCDecaux, serves relevant creative to the targeted displays based on real-time weather data pulled from a live weather feed.

The ever-changing ads visually showcase that sensitized skin caused by the environment is different than genetic sensitivity, or, being born with sensitive skin. Displayed in the ads is Dermalogica’s new Calm Water Gel, which the skincare brand claims is a possible solution to dehydration and discomfort that can be caused by the environment. The new gel locks in moisture to soothe skin and prevent future discomfort. Check out what the new ad below:


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