Five New Airport Spa Services to Ease Your Travel Stresses

Privacy Cocoons are available at select Spa Here airport locations // Photo Credit: Spa Here (Spa Here)

Let’s admit the reputation of the airport spa has not been a positive one. Historically, the airport spa has offered nothing more than the usual basic back rub in a busy airport setting where passersby can see you, and a few select other limited spa services. However, this year beauty seekers can find their bliss with a wave of new airport spa treatments that have been introduced to tackle the damaging impact of travel, like dehydrated skin and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Airport spas are beginning to offer therapies to combat stress and much more. These are some new services airport spas are offering and why travelers will love them.

1. Cryotherapy Facials and Localized Cryotherapy Treatments

The cryotherapy trend has now landed at airports.  Liquid nitrogen vapors cool air to -250° Fahrenheit, lowering your skin temperature and delivering a more consistent and effective targeting of the problem area for 3-7 minutes.

Why is it great at airports: A classic facial while relaxing may not be as effective at airports, but targeting your face or body with cryotherapy for three to seven minutes has lots of benefits if you are tight on time or need a quick pick me up.

Service offered at two XpresSpa JFK Terminal 4 and Orlando Airport by Nordic Edge.

2. Digital Manicures

Digital manicures are more unique than the traditional airport manicure, as it allows nail shapes and color selected via customized software on iPads.

Why it’s great at airports: Faster and more effective menu options for customers.

Performed at SpaHere locations at Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Airport and La Guardia Airport.

3. Leg Compression Therapy

Finally, leg compression therapy can now be found at airports. A popular treatment is the NormaTec Recovery System that helps maximize circulation. By using sequential pulse technology, NormaTec synergistically combines three distinct massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process: pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release.

Why it’s great at airports: It's no secret your body can feel stiff after a long flight. Leg Compression Therapy mobilizes fluid, flushes out toxins, and gets rid of lactic acid buildup.

Available at select XpresSpa Recovery locations.

4. LED Light Therapy

Express LED facial hydration treatments supercharge skin hydration and condition pre-flight. Depending on location, treatments can be pre-booked before your travel date or booked on the day at the airport.

Why it’s great at airports: Supercharge skin hydration and condition pre-flight.

Performed at Endota Light and Hydration Studio at Sydney International Airport.

SpaHere at La Guardia Airport and DFW are also featuring three FDA approved LED therapies:

  • Infrared: to soothe joints, muscle aches, and pains
  • Red Light: to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Blue Light: to diminish acne

5. Privacy Cocoons

Most people avoid airport spas because they feel they are too out in the open—the kind of feeling you get sitting at a spa at the mall where there is lots of noise and passer-byes. Not anymore, though, as many airport spas are putting a fresh spin on privacy. The SpaHere at La Guardia airport and DFW have created The Privacy Cocoon.

The Privacy Cocoon prevent distractions for both the guest and therapist increasing client relaxation. There is a mode for easy reconfiguration, enabling equipment to be swapped as business dictates.

Why it’s great at airports: The cocoons offer your own private, personal space to receive treatments with an ambient call light, allowing spa ambassadors to immediately respond and creating spa services that feel like you are always attended to in privacy. What better place to unwind than in a cocoon of tranquillity.


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