Get Healthy Food Delivered Straight to Your Door with Exhale Eats

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The Exhale wellness brand has announced a new nutrition platform that’s slated to change the traditional at-home meal delivery service: Exhale Eats. The service provides customized, delicious and nutritious meal plans right to the front door. The new opportunity is presented in partnership with Kettlebell Kitchen and VyneLife to support guests in their journeys to better health.

“We are excited to launch Exhale Eats, allowing us to provide custom nutrition solutions for our guests to further support their wellbeing,” says Annbeth Eschbach, founder and CEO of Exhale. “Having long-provided nutrition consultations at exhale, we believe that nutrition is an incredibly important part of maintaining overall health; it was a natural next step for us as a brand.”

Developed by a team composed of chefs, dieticians, and wellness experts, Exhale Eats was created to provide curated meal plans that will help make it easier to achieve fitness and nutrition goals. The service offers three meal plan options ­– Burn, which is lower calorie options for weight management; Maintain, which is healthy meals selected to fit customized goals; and Tone, which is high carb meals to support sports and fitness efforts.


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Menu options include a diverse selection of protein-packed, gluten-, soy-, and dairy-free meals with a number of plant-based options. The plans are customized by an intake of guest’s demographic information and weekly exhale fitness routine. All three customizable meal plans, designed to provide a balanced diet meeting recommended nutrition guidelines, can be tailored to specific dietary restrictions. The rotating selection of meals are priced between $8.95 for breakfasts and $11.95 for lunches and dinners.

Exhale Eats menus will change weekly, automatically selecting and recommending meals on a weekly basis. Throughout the subscription, guests will have the ability to select from and change their recommended meals as well.

Sample meals include seed cereal with dried mango, strawberry rhubarb crepes, roasted beet and charred radicchio salad, curry-cauliflower kale bowls, turkey meatballs with sundried tomato pesto, harissa chicken kebobs, and more.

Exhale Eats is available for purchase online at Delivery is available twice-weekly in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.


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