The Girl Power Candles Your Spa Needs to Retail

Chick Lit candles feature relatable messages.

Looking for a fun and relevant retail item to share with your clientele? Chick Lit (CL) candles feature cheeky messages that appeal to women wanting to embrace their inner voices. “I read years ago that women have success reducing anxiety levels just by venting to friends about their problems,” says founder Lisa Richmon. “I wanted Chick Lit to be like a lunch date with a friend who says, ‘hey girl, I totally get you.’ That’s why I came up with talking candles featuring the CL signature Rant + Chant.”

Since then, Richmon has strived to make the messaging even more relatable with The Dog Champion, which celebrates the bond between pups and their people; The Heart Filler, which celebrates the moments and people that light you up; The Over Thinker, meant to serve as a braincation; and The Wedding Boss, which was created for the bride-to-be.

“The Girls’ Girl is a shout-out to someone who has taken a baby step toward a bigger goal,” says Richmon. “It’s aspirational in its message to find your inner voice and use it for good, whatever that may be. It’s a concrete way to show support and celebrate an occasion.” The candles, which feature an 80-hour burn time, are hand-poured in small batches using domestically sourced vegan soybeans and a variety of fragrance oils. The CL candles are sure to light up the retail area of any spa with their smart and sassy messaging.


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