Global Wellness Institute Launches Halotherapy Initiative

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Thanks to the recent boom in salt and halotherapy spas and treatments, the non-profit Global Wellness Institute has announced its new Exploring Salt and Halotherapy initiative.

While salt-based therapies have existed for centuries, a recent surge in salt-infused environments and approaches has taken the spa and wellness industry by storm, now available at spas and wellness centers worldwide. Halotherapy centers – where clients inhale salt-rich air – flotation tanks, salt-focused treatments, and salt-based products are being increasingly marketed towards consumers.

“The Institute felt that it was valuable to support an initiative that explores the halotherapy and salt therapy developments, and we purposely use the term ‘exploring’ to refrain from giving the impression of any blanket endorsement of ‘anything and everything’ salt,” says Susie Ellis, GWI chairman and CEO. “While halotherapy has had a strong history in Eastern Europe, where most of the research on its efficacy has taken place, we need more education and studies so that the wellness industry can align their salt-focused approaches with the actual evidence.”


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Steve Spiro, founder and CEO of Global Halotherapy Solutions, one of the world’s largest salt therapy equipment suppliers, helms the initiative. Ann Brown, founder and CEO of Saltability, will serve as vice-chair.

“This initiative will investigate the effects of a wide range of salt therapies, and provide guidance to businesses and spa practitioners who want to better understand and utilize salt therapy to positively impact their clientele,” says Spiro.

The first meeting of the Exploring Salt and Halotherapy initiative will take place at the Global Wellness Summit being held The Breakers Palm Beach (FL) from Oct. 9-11, 2017.
Companies and practitioners involved in salt therapies, services and products are invited to become part of this initiative.


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