Green Spa Network Promotes #JustOneThing Campaign for Earth Month

Green Spa Network Promotes #JustOneThing Campaign for Earth Month // Photo Credit: Mike_Pellinni/iStock/Getty Images Plus

With Earth Day is quickly approaching, the Green Spa Network (GSN) is dedicating the month of April to promote sustainable acts. By using the hashtag #JustOneThing, the nonprofit will be sharing tips that anyone can incorporate into their everyday routines. These acts will aim to support, change, and improve the overall health of the planet.It is not just the GSN social media accounts that are getting involved, however. The organization asked its members and leaders to answer the question “what does Earth Day mean to me?” then provide their answer using #JustOneThing.

Rona Berg, editorial director of Organic Spa Magazine, responded to the question saying, “Earth Day is a reminder of how fragile this planet has become. On Earth Day, when I breathe in fresh air, enjoy a walk in the park and feel the sun on my face, I renew my commitment to fight pollution and climate change.” Berg’s #JustOneThing tip that she posted on social media was to “Say no to plastic straws, and talk to your kids about why it’s so important.”

Along with the hashtag, GSN announced the re-launch of its action initiative, the GSN Tree Planting Initiative in partnership with WeForest. The goal of the partnership is to mobilize the spa and wellness industry in the hopes of planting one million trees. So far, the community has planted over 72,000 trees. Through planting more trees, GSN and WeForest are helping to reverse some of the negative impacts that climate change has done to the planet, by increasing the natural resources that trees provide to the environment. To contribute to this cause, participants are encouraged to donate funds towards plant new trees, organize or participate in a local tree planting event, or continue an existing tree planting partnership. Contributors can sign up with GSN so that the organization can keep track of its overall progress, as well as further promote the message that the spa and wellness industry cares and is a champion of environmentalism. 


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