Hack Your DNA With Six Senses’ "Grow A New Body" Program

Six Senses Douro Valley Breakfast View. // All photos courtesy of Six Senses(Photo credit: Six Senses Douro Valley PR)

Six Senses Douro Valley (Portugal) is pioneering a new program, “Grow a New Body,” to hack the human DNA. By combining ancient shamanic healing techniques with the latest medicine and nutrition, the program is designed to prevent disease and increase longevity. Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.,  psychologist, anthropologist, and shamanic healer, is introducing Grow a New Body to the five-star resort that will run from November 3-10.

The program was created to help heal chronic conditions and prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, and dementia. According to Villoldo, all humans have the codes for longevity located within “password-protected” regions of our DNA, and we must learn how to access them. He says the body can transform within just one week by mastering the genes responsible for health and disease, while upgrading the brain, boosting energy levels, and increasing immunity

“The way to practice optimum wellness [is] not to treat disease but to create the conditions for health and switch on the higher intelligence programs of the neo-cortex or ‘new brain’,” says Villoldo. “This remains at the core of our program at Six Senses Douro Valley. We focus on how to awaken the natural intelligence of the body to prevent the diseases we cannot treat. Ultimately, if you can take control of your own genetics destiny and you can effectively grow a new body.”


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After working at San Francisco State University as the university’s youngest clinical professor, Villoldo spent 25 years studying shamanic healing practices in the Amazon and the Andes. “The human body risks becoming a toxic wasteland as environmental poisons and manufacturing chemicals continue to find their way onto our dinner plates and our drinking water,” says Villoldo. “When I traveled in the Amazon, I found there was no heart disease, no dementia, and no cancer. Researchers later discovered these are the illnesses of civilization. As soon as the Amazonians began to eat like us, they began to get sick like us too. However, the Amazon shamans discovered how to stimulate innate repair programs in the body and effectively hack the human biology to express longevity.”

The program was refined through research at Four Winds Society and Light Body School, in the U.S. and Chile, with hundreds of clients. Within seven days, the Grow a New Body program stimulates more than 200 genes responsible for generating health, while silencing more than 500 genes leading to disease. Researchers have found a 72 percent drop in negative symptoms within one week including ailments affecting the head, heart, mind, lungs, and digestive system.
Participants will experience a deep body repair through the process of detoxification and epigenetics by activating longevity genes with superfoods, neuro-nutrients, and probiotics. Throughout the week, guests will be able to achieve a greater sense of harmony by engaging in nature immersion, morning yoga, evening meditation, and a daily prevention lecture with the team doctor.

Grow a New Body includes seven nights at the resort, a wellness screening, an entry and exit energy-medicine evaluation with a world-class medical doctor, four shaman and energy medicine sessions, four oxygen altitude-training sessions, four LED sessions for mitochondrial stimulation and repair, and seven spa sessions. The program costs $10,730 in a Deluxe Room and $18,730 for a couple sharing a Deluxe Room.
For more information visit www.sixsenses.com/DouroValley or make a reservation by calling +351 254 660 600.



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