Hear Your Way to Health with This New Sound Healing Initiative

The Global Wellness Institute is bringing sound healing back to the forefront of the wellness industry. In an effort to ensure both professionals and consumers understand the health benefits of sound therapies for managing stress and pain; enhancing body, mind, and spiritual awareness; increasing creativity, productivity, rest, recovery, sleep and more, the institute recently launched its Sound Healing Initiative, with So Sound Solutions CEO Suzannah Long serving as initiative chair.

“Science is now proving what the ancient shamans, spiritual masters, teachers, seers, and healing artists have known for thousands of years,” says Long. “Sound, music, acoustic resonance and vibration have a profound effect on our physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health and wellbeing. We hear with our ears. We listen and feel with our whole body. We attract what we resonate with, consciously or not.”

The initiative aims at creating broader awareness, research, education, and “transformational edu-tainment” experiences that empower consumers to naturally uplift their personal vibes, mind-body and spiritual consciousness, health, and wellbeing through the healing power of sound, music, and acoustic resonance therapies. Long and her vice chair, Todd Linden, president of Linden Consulting, developed a committee of 16 industry thought leaders who are dedicated to their field and continuing to explore all the potential benefits that can be enjoyed through the integration of sound, music, and acoustic resonance technologies within their specific area of expertise. 

The committee will work together to expand research, create regional events, host webinars, and lead round table discussions around how sound healing can best be implemented into various market segments including healthcare, fitness, hospitality, spa, education, corporate businesses, and community wellness. Each member will also speak more about their individual experiences, areas of expertise, and the world of sound healing on the So Sound Solutions’ weekly podcast, So Sound Matters.

So Sound Solutions is a lifestyle company that designed functional, safe, and comfortable acoustic relaxation environments. The brand develops products like loungers, treatment tables, yoga boards, beds, sound healing meditation spaces, and more that incorporate healing effects of sound, music, and acoustic resonance.

For the full list of the Global Wellness Institute's Sound Healing Initiative research, click here.



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