Himalayan Source Launches a Socially Distant Private Halotherapy Experience

With nonessential businesses slowly re-opening in parts of the country, business have had to rethink how they offer their services in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Himalayan Source, a manufacturer of Himalayan salt products, recently announced the launch of a private halotherapy experience, which would aim to minimize contact with guests and workers in order to maximize safety.

Treatment rooms will be turned into salt therapy rooms, which will look to offer multiple therapy modalities. The new design will be piloted by Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Delray Beach, FL, this June.

Ann Brown, cofounder of Himalayan Source, is hoping to ease clients’ anxieties by offering a relaxing wellness environment. “We designed this private halotherapy experience to help clients feel comfortable returning to spas,” said Brown. “During this time of high anxiety due to COVID-19, it is crucial that we support guest health and wellness in our communities. This grounding, healing salt therapy experience allows spas to offer wellness in an environment that minimizes risk for clients.”


During the experience, clients and members can expect to enjoy the view of a glowing Himalayan salt wall while breathing in pharmaceutical-grade particles of salt from a halogenerator. This will all be done from the comfort of a massage table that will provide heat therapy combined with gemstones, pulsed electromagnetic held therapy (PEMF), and LED light therapy. Guided meditation will also be incorporated into the experience to help with restoring the mind, body, and soul.

Owner of the Delray Beach Hand & Stone franchise, Katherine Chenier, is excited to be piloting the new and improved experience. “Safety has always been a top priority at Hand & Stone,” said Chenier. “As we prepare to re-open, and our guests return for some much needed relaxation, we are thrilled to offer them extra peace of mind with this new halotherapy service offered by Himalayan Source.”



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